Daneisys Machin

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Daneisys Machin

Office Manager

Daneisys AKA Danny is our office manager and Dr. Diaz right hand. Danny has been in the industry for over 10 years. She has experience as an insurance coordinator, treatment plan coordinator. Danny helps supervise the practice from the moment the day starts till the moment we close our doors. She supervises every detail and makes sure the billing insurance company is up to date. She also makes sure the day has been planned so everything goes smoothly and our staff has everything they need to provide the best care. Danny is very energetic and reliable. She gets back to patients in a fast manner and assists them in anything that they need. She answers all of the questions and provides them with the necessary information so they leave the office with no doubts on procedures or financials. Danny assists patients with financing companies and helps them find the best fit for their needs. She also advises patients on the best dental insurances and the difference so they obtain the most appropriate plan.

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