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Miami Endodontics

At Dental Avenu, we understand that endodontic treatments can cause anxiety for some patients. That’s why we offer a range of sedation options to help you feel relaxed and comfortable during your procedure.

Endodontics is a specialized area of dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of dental pulp and root canal-related issues. Root canal therapy at our dental office in Miami, FL, is a procedure used to remove the infected or damaged dental pulp from the root canal of a tooth. This treatment is typically recommended when a tooth is severely decayed, infected, or injured, and can help save the natural tooth and prevent the need for extraction.

What are the benefits of the treatment?

Endodontic treatment offers several benefits for patients experiencing dental pain, infection, or other issues, like:

Saves the natural tooth: Instead of removing the damaged or infected tooth, the endodontist will remove the infected pulp and nerves and then fill the root canal with a special material. This can help prevent the need for more extensive dental work or tooth replacement.

Relieves pain and discomfort: By removing the infected or inflamed pulp, the endodontist can relieve pressure and pain in the affected tooth.

Prevents further damage: If left untreated, dental infections and other issues can spread to other areas of the mouth and body, potentially causing more serious health issues.

Improves oral health and well-being: By addressing dental issues and preventing further damage or infection, endodontic treatment can help improve your oral health. This can help reduce the risk of other oral health issues, such as gum disease or tooth decay.

Long-term results: With proper care and maintenance, the treated teeth can last a lifetime. You can take care by ensuring good oral hygiene practices and regular dental check-ups.

Who are the candidates for the treatment?

The following are some of the common indications for endodontic treatment:

  •     Persistent toothache or dental pain, especially when chewing or applying pressure to the affected tooth, could be a sign of infected or damaged dental pulp.
  •     Sharp pain or sensitivity when consuming hot or cold food or drinks, could indicate pulp damage or infection.
  •     Swelling or tenderness in the gums surrounding the affected tooth could indicate an infection in the pulp.
  • A darkening or discoloration of the affected tooth may indicate pulp damage.
  • Trauma to the tooth, such as a fracture or crack, may cause pulp damage, requiring endodontic treatment.

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