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Composite fillings repair fractured, cracked, or decayed teeth. It’s a common same-day procedure that effectively corrects damage to the affected teeth.

At Dental Avenu, we offer personalized composite fillings treatment. Our team of highly-skilled dentists, led by Dr. Diaz, saves cavity-plagued teeth from further decay. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment.

Who Is a Candidate for Composite Fillings?

The ideal candidate for composite fillings is anyone with chipped teeth or early-stage tooth decay. The procedure works best for people with a healthy remnant tooth structure. If too much of the structure and tooth enamel is gone, we’ll recommend other treatment approaches like dental crowns.

The Composite Fillings Process

At Dental Avenu, we maintain a compassionate stance during every composite fillings procedure. Dr. Sandra Diaz begins the process by answering all your questions about the treatment. If you’re not a candidate for composite fillings, she will recommend alternative treatment for you.

During the procedure, we will administer anesthesia to keep you comfortable for the duration of the treatment. After anesthesia, we’ll prepare your tooth by removing any decay and cleaning the affected area.

After the tooth preparation, we’ll progress to layering. This involves applying a coat of composite resin material before hardening it with special lighting. We apply several layers to complete the filling. With the filling complete, we trim, mold, and polish the composite material to give it a final finish.

Composite Fillings vs. Amalgam

Amalgam fillings are the logical opposite of composite filling materials. When thinking about composite fillings, it’s natural to look at the alternative. How do they differ? The main differences between both types of fillings lie in the aesthetic appeal and durability.

Composite fillings from a qualified dental care practice like Dental Avenu will look like your normal teeth. You don’t need to worry about people finding out about your new procedure. On the other hand, amalgam fillings have a metallic appearance that rubs off on the surrounding teeth. So, if you like to keep your dental health discreet, composite fillings always work better.

However, you have to think about longevity as well. Composite fillings last at least five years. With adequate care, some last seven years or more. Amalgam fillings easily reach double that lifespan. So, weigh your options carefully before making a choice. Dr. Diaz will guide you through this process.

How to Take Care of Your Composite Fillings

Composite fillings don’t change your oral hygiene routines, so you can continue brushing and flossing without worries. However, caring for your composite fillings goes beyond brushing and flossing. You need to keep up with your appointments to keep the fillings looking great.

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