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Miami Dental Technology

Safer and less painful dental treatment options continue to spread and develop with new technology. We can answer more questions faster and create better treatment plans for each person. Our overall goal for your care is a clean and happy smile.

Dental Avenu seeks to keep up-to-date on new dental technology to ensure proper and better dental care in fewer appointments. As dental technology develops, we strive to stay up-to-date on how we provide our services. Here are a few advancements we’ve investigated and incorporated into our work.

Soft Tissue Laser

Soft tissue lasers use energy to alter and assist the topmost layers of your gums. Instead of needing stitches after a polyp removal, the laser helps the cells heal faster with less pain. It also helps heal ulcers and cold sores and assists with gum reshaping.

Hard Tissue Laser

Hard tissue lasers allow for much less stressful treatment. They are better than noisy and anxiety-inducing dental drills, being quieter and more precise. They do not cause as much tooth damage during dental treatment and usually don’t require numbing pre-use. Cavities, gum disease, and even root canals become same-day problems with same-day solutions.

Intra-Oral Camera

Dental mirrors only show so much. This technology gives us a much clearer view of the inside of the mouth. We can also see minute details harder to catch with the naked eye. Catching that small crack in your molar could be the difference between a brushing regime and the need for a new crown down the line.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays take and process images faster than a film-based x-ray mechanism. They have also reduced up to 90% of the usual radiation exposure, so your x-ray is safer for your health. The much clearer images provide a better opportunity for understanding dental problems than ever before.

3D Imaging

3D imaging allows for same-day, courteous care. One system we use, CEREC®, uses impressions of your mouth made with computer-assisted design. We can then use CEREC® to model a new filling based on those impressions on the same day.

For example, you need a crown after a root canal. Having a crown done would take two appointments, from the initial molding process to the fitting several weeks later. CEREC® turns those two appointments into one.

iTero Element Scanner

Instead of having terrible-tasting paste in your mouth to mold over your teeth, the iTero Element Scanner takes images within the mouth. The images from the handheld wand create 3-D models, which help with dental evaluation and provide cleaner impressions of your teeth. CEREC® uses the iTero Element Scanner and other 3D imaging programs to make long dental treatments into less stressful, same-day data.

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