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Welcome to Dental Avenue, your premier dental destination in Pinecrest, FL. We take pride in providing exceptional dental care, offering a comprehensive range of services, including General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Restorative Dentistry, Sedation Dentistry, Emergency Dentistry, Sleep Apnea Treatment, Botox, and Porcelain Crowns in Pinecrest, FL. Led by the esteemed Dr. Sandra Diaz, our dedicated team is committed to delivering excellent dental services and ensuring the long-term health and beauty of your smile.

Porcelain Crowns in Pinecrest, FL: The Perfect Solution for a Beautiful Smile

Porcelain crowns, also known as dental crowns, are a popular restorative dental treatment that can transform the appearance and function of damaged or weakened teeth. Using high-quality porcelain materials, our dental experts craft custom-made crowns that match the color, shape, and size of your natural teeth, resulting in a seamless and natural-looking smile. Choosing Porcelain Crowns in Pinecrest, FL at Dental Avenue offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Restored Dental Function: Porcelain crowns are designed to protect and strengthen damaged teeth. They restore the natural chewing and biting ability, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods without discomfort.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing Results: With porcelain crowns, you can achieve a beautiful, uniform smile. The customized crowns are carefully crafted to blend seamlessly with your existing teeth, enhancing your overall appearance.

  • Long-Lasting Durability: Porcelain is a durable and resilient material, ensuring that your crowns can withstand the daily pressures of biting and chewing. With proper care, porcelain crowns can last for many years, providing a long-term solution for tooth restoration.

  • Stain Resistance: Unlike natural teeth, porcelain crowns are highly resistant to staining. This means your smile will remain bright and vibrant, even when exposed to common staining agents such as coffee, tea, or tobacco.

  • Improved Oral Health: Porcelain crowns protect weak or damaged teeth from further decay or damage, contributing to improved overall oral health. By addressing dental issues promptly, you can avoid more extensive and costly treatments in the future.

  • Comfortable Fit: Our experienced dental professionals ensure that your porcelain crowns are custom-fitted to your teeth, providing a comfortable and precise fit. This enhances your overall comfort and allows for a seamless integration with your natural teeth.

During the Porcelain Crowns procedure at Dental Avenue, our skilled dental experts perform a series of steps to ensure optimal results. These steps generally include:

  • Consultation and Examination: Dr. Sandra Diaz evaluates your dental condition, discusses your goals, and determines whether porcelain crowns are the right solution for you.

  • Tooth Preparation: The affected tooth is prepared by removing any decay or damage. It is then reshaped to accommodate the crown.

  • Impression: An impression or mold of your prepared tooth is taken to create a custom-made porcelain crown that perfectly matches your smile.

  • Temporary Crown: While your permanent crown is being crafted in a dental laboratory, a temporary crown is placed over the prepared tooth for protection and aesthetics.

  • Final Crown Placement: Once your custom porcelain crown is ready, it is permanently bonded to your tooth, ensuring a secure and long-lasting restoration.

At Dental Avenue, we are dedicated to providing excellent dental care. Dr. Sandra Diaz and our team emphasize exceptional service, and our patients highly recommend our establishment. To experience the outstanding dental care we provide, make an appointment or reserve your dental visit by contacting us at 786-703-4978.

Porcelain Crowns in Pinecrest, FL at Dental Avenue are an excellent solution for restoring damaged or weakened teeth and enhancing your smile. Led by Dr. Sandra Diaz, our exceptional team is committed to providing excellent dental services and ensuring that your smile remains healthy and beautiful. Contact us today, and join our list of satisfied patients who wholeheartedly recommend our outstanding dental care.


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